What Event Planners Should Know About their Host Facility’s Energy Sources

What Event Planners Should Know About Their Host Venues

Feature Photo © Ling Luo

Verdical Group’s Founder & CEO, Drew Shula — also the Founder of the Annual Net Zero Conference, the largest decarbonization event hosted annually in Southern California, was recently interviewed by MeetingsNet for an article on checking venue energy efficiency. 

His advice? Ask if the facility participates in EPA’s Energy Star program or certifications like LEED.

“A venue that tracks its power-consumption data for Energy Star compliance will have monthly usage numbers in front of them. You can see the property’s historical energy data and probably back out a ballpark number for how much energy your group used.” 

LEED-certified venues will not only have great data on energy use, they’re also more likely to prioritize energy efficiency and other sustainability measures. 

Events can be incredibly carbon-intensive, so accounting for venue-related emissions is a great way to start thinking about your event’s impact.

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