VG + NAC Tackle the Living Building Challenge

VG + NAC Tackle the Living Building Challenge


Verdical Group was thrilled to team up with NAC Architecture to present a workshop on the International Living Future Institute (ILFI)’s Living Building Challenge (LBC) to the CMAA Southern California network. 

The workshop provided an overview of ILFI’s mission and wide-reaching programs, focusing primarily on their flagship LBC program, which asks building projects to respond to climate change issues with innovative solutions that positively impact the communities in which they are built. The presenters walked attendees through the basic requirements of each of the 7 performance categories (petals) of the LBC.

The workshop explored the importance of carbon reduction and how this is tracked in LBC’s Energy Petal, as well as through ILFI’s separate Zero Carbon Certification program. 

The team highlighted the role that environmental justice plays within the ILFI’s programs and more generally, how our projects that comprise the built environment need to address this critical issue of equity.

It featured NAC Associate Principals Karla Grijalva and Esmeralda Ward, as well as Verdical Group’s Founder & CEO Drew Shula, Project Manager & Energy Analyst Ritika Dhamija, and Client Solutions Manager Giovanna Araujo.

To see the full list of CMAA Southern California’s courses, visit their website here.