VG CEO Featured on UL Carbon Roundtable

VG CEO Featured on Greenbuild Carbon Roundtable

“The COVID19 pandemic has cut down emissions by about 6-8%. Although a start, that means 92% of emissions are still happening even with a complete global shutdown. It really shows how much work we have to do.” — Drew Shula, VG Founder & CEO

Carbon emissions have far-reaching impacts on the planet. In this spirited Carbon Roundtable hosted by UL at Greenbuild, Verdical Group’s Founder & CEO Drew Shula discussed the impacts and innovative solutions being created to address carbon emissions in the built environment.

Shula was joined by a group of international panelists including Josh Jacobs (UL) in Atlanta, Dana Schneider (Empire State Realty Trust) in New York City, Shaun McCarthy (Action Sustainability) in London, Shawn Jang (BEE) in Tokyo, and Joseph Marfi (Turner Construction) in Los Angeles. They covered topics from building design and construction to carbon metrics and tracking.

“There are so many parallels between the COVID19 pandemic and the ClimateCrisis,” said Shula. “The climate crisis, like this pandemic, is something that ties everyone in the world together. It’s going to require a global response. It’s going to require every person and every country in the world. It will require us to move more quickly than we have in the last couple of decades but we’ve got to do it now as a collective.”

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