VG CEO Drew Shula Speaks at Mary Kay Sustainability Summit 2022

VG CEO Drew Shula Speaks at Mary Kay Sustainability Summit 2022


Verdical Group Founder and CEO spoke at Mary Kay’s annual sustainability summit, advising the company’s vendors on how they can make a positive impact on their environment and society.

Shula shared tips on a variety of practices, such as measuring and interpreting your electricity use, waste reduction strategies, water savings techniques, and responsible materials choices at your business. He discussed decarbonization, sharing Verdical Group’s journey to become a net positive company, having measured, reduced, and offset their emissions dating back to the company’s founding, plus 10 percent. Shula also spoke about environmental social governance (ESG), an emerging movement that asks companies to transparently share the ways they are making the world a better place.

Mary Kay’s sustainability strategy is anchored in the three dimensions of sustainable development—economic, environmental, and social—covering five sustainability pillars that are activated by 15 commitments. The summit focused on how Mary Kay can work with vendors to reduce the carbon footprint of its products.

Interested in watching Drew’s session? Click here to access Registration, then select Session from the lefthand menu. His remarks begin at the 149:07 timestamp, though we encourage you to enjoy the full event recording!