VG Announces Sustainable Lifestyle Certification [APRIL FOOLS!]

VG Announces Sustainable Lifestyle Certification [APRIL FOOLS!]


You’ve certified your buildings, your food, and your products… what’s next? Yourself!

Introducing Verdical Group’s Sustainable Lifestyle Certification Program, a new way to measure how sustainable your life is and incentivize you to grow.

Designed for simplicity, prerequisites encompass the sustainable habits you’ve already built, such as carrying a reusable water bottle, having “good energy,” and recycling. Credits are awarded for those who go above and beyond to act as stewards for our natural environment. Download the v1 scorecard below to see where you stand and how you can improve! 




Plus, show off your Sustainable Lifestyle Certification level with a custom t-shirt — because publicizing your green achievements has never been more important.

(All shirts are made from reused sustainable fibers and printed using organic dyes to reduce textile waste and water contamination.)

If you made it this far… April Fools! We’re here to poke fun, but in all seriousness — every sustainable practice helps us achieve our shared goal of protecting the planet. It is through our personal actions that we create change at scale. Thank you for being part of the green community!

As a B Corporation, a 1% for the Planet Member company, and a team of individuals who are deeply passionate about sustainability, Verdical Group strives to improve our communities and natural environment through the work we do every day by giving back to the planet, to one another, and to ourselves.