Verdical Impact — Purpose with Numbers, Numbers with Purpose

Verdical Impact — Purpose with Numbers, Numbers with Purpose

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Kevin Chris Zhu is Verdical Group’s Sustainability Intern. Kevin is a LEED AP BD+C accredited professional, holds a B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering and is a candidate for an M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering with an Atmosphere/Energy Program, Sustainability and Energy Focus from Stanford University.

Thank you for your interest in our third update of the Verdical Impact infographic project!

We are proud to share the positive social and environmental impact Verdical Group has made through our growing number of certified projects, team volunteerism, and educational events, including our very own annual Net Zero Conference. Together at Verdical Group, we continue to tackle new challenges with innovative and practical solutions to model an environmentally sustainable institution to help our campus, local, and global community understand, mitigate, and adapt to the changing climate.

This retrospective impact metric was initially established to help our team at Verdical Group see the bigger picture. We also hope this inspires others to make efforts to benefit the environment through green building and sustainable practices. Verdical Group has measured our positive impact on the environment by tracking the energy, water, and waste savings from projects we have helped to earn LEED certifications. In addition to these metrics, we are tracking attendee numbers at our many educational events and presentations, as well as the hours our team participates in community service and pro-bono work that we hope will demonstrate the extensive potential and value of buildings constructed with green design in mind.


The statistics in a nutshell…

Since the release of our last impact metrics, the Verdical team has:

  • Added 8 additional LEED projects to our certified list
  • Saved over 5.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity
  • Conserved over 4.7 million gallons of water
  • Diverted over 15 million pounds of waste from landfills
  • Hosted 1,500 people for our education session and conference
  • Contributed over 278 volunteer hours to the Perlita Passive House project, in addition to supporting the local USGBC and Living Future chapters.

To put some of these numbers and savings into perspective, one of our top “savers,” the Santa Monica Gateway project, has successfully offset an amount of carbon equivalent to planting more than 53,200 trees, saved enough water to fill more than 11.7 swimming pools, and diverted more than 112 garbage trucks worth of waste from landfills. Verdical Group is proud to have provided LEED v4 Project Management and Commissioning services for the achievement of LEED v3 BD+C Core & Shell Silver certifications for their two buildings. It is exciting to see our work translate into huge savings for our clients and the environment.

By continuing to monitor how Verdical Group is impacting the environment through green building and the people we educate about sustainability and its benefits, we will see the growing impact that the firm is having on the world and the people who inhabit it. In the bigger picture, we hope these numbers prove that day-to-day energy, water, and waste savings add up and that decisions and efforts that businesses and people make every day can have a huge impact on others and the planet. The impact metrics we track are central to Verdical Group’s commitment to our missions, laid forth as both a 1% for the Planet member and as a B Corp. They reinforce that while we are a for-profit company, planet and community wellness are integral to our work–and we will continue to update and share our progress in that endeavor.