UGSBC-LA Shares Blog on LEED Zero at NZ20

UGSBC-LA Shares Blog on LEED Zero at NZ20


We’re pleased to be partnering again with the U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles Chapter (USGBC-LA) program the upcoming Net Zero Conference on September 15-16, 2020. 

As part of the program, USGBC-LA will be showcasing our 2020 cohort of innovative startup companies from our Net Zero Accelerator, all of which are delivering solutions to help make net zero carbon, energy, water, and waste a reality in the built environment. What better evolution of the conference than for you to witness fast pitches 17-member companies that have been selected for their strong potential to be game changers in building technologies and materials, as well as green jobs creation, and with solutions ranging from reducing carbon across emissions-intensive industries to saving buildings from wildfires to providing access to clean power anytime and anywhere. One of these companies will receive an award for their innovation during the Trailblazer Awards ceremony at the end of the event, which you won’t want to miss.

A longtime event partner, this year USGBC-LA is heavily involved in several aspects of the program, including the Net Zero Accelerator Fast Pitches (a collection of short pitches from startups on the industry); our first virtual job fair to provide all those who’ve lost their job due to COVID an opportunity to advance their career; and the closing Happy Half Hour, where Stapleton will be joined by friends to reminisce about the year over cucumber mint margaritas. Check out this article from USGBC-LA’s Executive Director, Ben Stapleton, to read all about how the Chapter will be involved in this year’s event.

The virtual event will also include a variety of content and case studies on LEED Zero, the USGBC’s certification for net zero energy, water, and waste buildings. You can read more about the LEED Zero rating system on USGBC-LA’s blog here.