Staff Spotlight: Wenrui Luo

Staff Spotlight: Wenrui Luo

By Jordan Klotzle

Verdical Group’s Staff Spotlight series highlights the incredible contributions that each of our team members make through their expertise. The series is also a great way to delve into what our team members do on a day-to-day basis to mitigate the climate crisis. 

Meet Wenrui Luo, a Commissioning Associate with Verdical Group! Wenrui joined the VG team in September 2022 with background experience in energy efficiency, ESG reporting, carbon calculations, and more. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Building Construction Technology and Management from Purdue University and a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Risk and Resilience Track, Concentration in Energy from Duke University.

As a member of the Commissioning branch of our Projects team, Wenrui helps verify that projects are designed, constructed, and operating correctly and in an energy efficient manner. His daily work often includes reviewing Commissioning plans and Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) documentation and corresponding with general contractors, subcontractors, and owners to assist with the management of their projects.

Commissioning a building project helps reduce energy usage and deliver a healthy and functional green building, while simultaneously lowering long-term costs by ensuring that equipment functions the way it was designed.

“I’m proud to say that we are adding value to the construction process and helping to save more energy for the whole industry,” Wenrui explained. “The procedure of Commissioning allows us to evaluate plans and even improve the operation of buildings, helping to address the climate crisis.” Through Commissioning, projects can positively impact the triple bottom line by helping to create happy, comfortable occupants, minimizing the number of change orders and unresolved issues on a project, and reducing the carbon footprint of the building’s operations.

Along with making these positive contributions, Wenrui enjoys working with the team of professionals that make up Verdical Group’s staff.

“All of my colleagues are so supportive, and I learn new and different things every day,” he shared. “Whenever I meet a challenge, I can always find another expert to ask for help.”

You can learn more about commissioning, along with our wide array of other green building services, on our website.

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