Staff Spotlight: Giovanna Araujo

Staff Spotlight: Giovanna Araujo

By Jordan Klotzle

Verdical Group’s Staff Spotlight series highlights the incredible contributions that each of our team members make through their expertise. The series is also a great way to delve into what our team members do on a day-to-day basis to mitigate the climate crisis. 

Meet Giovanna Araujo, Verdical Group’s Client Solutions Manager! Giovanna earned her Bachelor of Architecture and Design Studies in Sustainable Building Technology at the Boston Architectural College and is Living Future Accredited. She contributes to business development as a member of our Client Solutions team, facilitating connections between leaders in the green building world.

Giovanna describes her role as a “sustainability strategist” who seeks out places of alignment between clients’ needs and Verdical Group’s service offerings. Whether it be a General Contractor looking to break into the green building space or an architecture firm in need of project management or engineering support services for their latest LEED project, Giovanna is skilled in identifying these areas of overlap to create lasting win-win relationships in the industry.

“I work with clients to look at their projects and determine what the best strategy is for tackling sustainability in that project,” she explained. “That way it’s more conversational and we’re working together to set the vision for how our team can support them.”

Additionally, she researches and attends industry events throughout Southern California and virtually to work towards fostering more connections and interactions with current and prospective clients. She finds great joy in meeting new people and seeing their passion and excitement for their sustainable projects, indicating the continual growth of the green building industry.

“My work consists of learning about what folks are doing across the board and then matchmaking,” she shared. “I see the possibilities in each firm and project, and then I strategize about ways that people can come together to do things that are really innovative—tapping into the spirit of collective action to solve the climate crisis.”

While creating external connections is Giovanna’s focus area, the strong internal support network is her favorite part of working at Verdical Group.

“We have a very healthy work culture,” she said. “We support each other’s learning and growth. We always share resources and training with each other to make sure that everybody is benefiting from the progress that any one person makes.”

Whether colleague or client, Giovanna is all ears to hear about your latest sustainability endeavor.

“I like to see the joy that that person is experiencing,” she shared, “when they’re engaged with a project that they feel so passionate about because it’s doing such an awesome thing in the sustainability field.”

You can reach out to Giovanna directly regarding new business and partnership opportunities at You can also reach out through our Contact Form, or send your general inquiry to, and a member of our team will follow up with you as soon as possible.