Staff Spotlight: Drew Shula

Staff Spotlight: Drew Shula

By Jordan Klotzle

Verdical Group’s Staff Spotlight series highlights the incredible contributions that each of our team members make through their expertise. The series is also a great way to delve into what our team members do on a day-to-day basis to mitigate the climate crisis. 

Meet Verdical Group’s Founder & CEO, Drew Shula! Drew founded Verdical Group in 2012 out of the desire to use business as a force to do good in the world. The one-man operation that started out in his Pasadena garage has now grown into a team of 23 staff members working diligently to solve the climate crisis and make a positive impact on the future through the built environment.

“As we’ve grown, we now have awesome people on every team, so each team really functions autonomously and independently,” Drew explained. “I’ve taken myself out of the middle as we’ve gotten away from the hub and spoke model that limited our growth.”

So, what does a Founder & CEO do each day? The short answer is “a little bit of everything.” While our amazing staff generally keep themselves running smoothly, Drew checks in with the leads of each of the five teams—Operations, Projects, Client Solutions, Marketing, and Events—on a regular basis to ensure that everyone has the information and resources they need to stay on track. Depending on what the requirements of the teams are, each day can look quite different.

“My day could be anything from renewing our insurance quotes for the company, participating in a client interview for a new potential project, doing an interview for a magazine for our marketing, participating in a management team training meeting, or attending a team building get-together,” Drew shared. “As a CEO, you need to know enough about everything to be dangerous.”

Many projects have crossed his desk throughout Verdical Group’s ten years, but some of Drew’s favorite projects are those the company has undertaken for itself, such as our B Corp certification.

“I’m really proud of our B Corp certification and how we use it for continuous improvement,” he said. “Essentially every single decision we make is geared towards making a positive impact on the environment and people, and that’s what B Corp is all about. That’s why [B Corp] is so much of our DNA as a company because it’s a framework that takes a holistic look at everything you do through the lens of making a positive impact.”

It’s that B Corp DNA that has helped build a foundation for Drew’s favorite part of his job at Verdical Group: our team, and the alignment of goals and priorities that are shared between our diverse professionals.

“We’re a for-profit company trying to make a positive impact, and everyone on our team was attracted to VG around our mission,” Drew explained. “I get to live my dream. My work aligns with what my goals are in life, and I get to be connected with a really mission-driven company that works on cutting-edge projects that I’m passionate about.”

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