Shula Talks Sustainability Terminology with Architectural Record

Shula Talks Sustainability Terminology with Architectural Record

Feature Photo © Anton Grassl

What does “zero carbon” mean to you? Is it the same thing it means to your clients? What about those of us here at Verdical Group? 

The number of day-to-day terms that we use in the sustainable design community has ballooned in recent years with the increasing popularity of the decarbonization, ESG, and electrification movements. And these terms are not always clear and well-defined (despite our best efforts). 

Architectural Record recently interviewed Verdical Group’s CEO & Founder Drew Shula about the predicament:

“The means to achieve zero emissions diverge greatly depending on which performance standard is being adopted, among other factors, and thus call into question whether certain projects that claim the distinction are legitimately carbon neutral,” writes Justin R. Wolf.

Shula’s response is that while greater consensus is crucial when it comes to “compare[ing] project performance apples to apples,” we should not get caught up in determining perfect definitions. “At the heart of the war of words and various definitions is the massive global energy transition we’re in the midst of today.” 

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