Shula Speaks on Arbonne B Corp Roundtable

Shula Speaks on Arbonne B Corp Roundtable 


Arbonne cosmetics recently hosted Verdical Group’s CEO & Founder Drew Shula on a panel of B Corporations making a social and environmental impact. 

The roundtable was presented as part of Arbonne’s Re-Certification B Day Celebration Week, designed to share with the global Arbonne team how the B Corporation certification comes to life in day-to-day business practices. Arbonne was first certified in 2019 at 83 points, and now boasts a new score of 119 points — a 43% increase in general! 

Shula was joined by Cassie Maylor of 3 Degrees (a renewable energy and offsets provider based in Portland, OR); Sheila Cassani of The Fruit Guys (a vendor of Arbonne that delivers healthy snacks and fresh fruit to businesses);  Logan Altman of Doing Good Works; Casey Plasker of Circularly (building a circular economy and helping companies get B Corp certified); and Manny Barragan-Alcaraz of Beneficial State Bank (a leading financial institution for businesses looking to make positive change). 

Shula highlighted how the B Corp program allows for-profit companies to prioritize earnings while also helping to build a better planet. One aspect of this he spoke about was the idea of making long-term investments: sometimes the right option may not have the lowest cost initially, but over time it will have the most positive impact.

A related topic Shula covered was thinking holistically: every decision should tie back into your company’s goals and values. For Verdical Group, that was deciding to “practice what we preach” by tracking our own carbon footprint and offsetting our emissions to become net positive; integrating B Corp ideals into our employee management, reviews, and Handbook; surveying customers for improvement feedback; and prioritizing diversity in hiring.

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