Location:  San Diego, CA

Area:  300,000 square feet

Client:  Kilroy Realty Corporation

Building Type:  Commercial, Residential, New Construction

One Paseo

The One Paseo project consists of two 150,000-square-foot buildings located in San Diego, CA. Verdical Group completed:

  • LEED v3 Construction Phase Project Management (BD+C: Core & Shell Gold Certified)

The project includes residential units, mixed-use, and office spaces. Building 1 is four stories and Building 2 is 6 stories with a parking garage. The project achieved the Gold level of LEED v3 BD+C Core and Shell Certification.

The project is located on a previously developed high-priority site which reduces the environmental impacts associated with the project and protects sensitive lands. One Paseo further protects biodiversity and ecosystem health by devoting a tremendous 43 percent of the total site area to open space. To promote walkability and community connectivity, the project is located within a half mile of many basic services such as restaurants, grocery stores, and a library. One Paseo also encourages alternative transportation, providing bicycle storage and shower facilities for occupants as well as 29 alternative fuel fueling stations with fueling capacity for 57 vehicles.

Aside from site protection, the project also boasts substantial water and energy savings. Landscaping and irrigation systems have been designed to reduce outdoor potable water consumption by 50.29 percent, while indoor potable water use has been reduced by 44.68 percent below the baseline. Energy efficiency measures including LED lighting, dimmable fixtures, and daylight sensors contribute to an energy cost savings of 24.8 percent for the project. To ensure that the building systems were installed, calibrated, and perform per the design and construction documents, the project conducted Enhanced Commissioning which will provide energy cost and maintenance savings over time.

A major project focus was using environmentally friendly building materials that promote occupant health and wellness. 47.94 percent of the building materials include recycled content and 34.01 percent of building materials were manufactured and extracted within 500 miles of the project site, encouraging circularity and local production of materials. To promote positive indoor environmental quality, the project team specified and installed low-emitting adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring systems, composite wood, and agri-fiber products. The optimized glazing design provides 90.23 percent of regularly occupied spaces with direct access to outdoor views, placing further emphasis on occupant health and wellbeing.

The One Paseo project demonstrated commitment and leadership in social equity by achieving the Social Equity within the Project Team LEED pilot credit.