Location: Los Angeles, CA

Area:  7,100 square feet

Client: H. Hendy Associates

Owner: General Electric

Building Type: Commercial, New Construction

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General Electric Capital

The General Electric (GE) Capital office space is a 7,100-square-foot commercial project located in Los Angeles, CA. Verdical Group provided:

  • LEED Project Management (ID+C v3 Gold Certified)
  • CALGreen Commissioning
  • LEED Fundamental Commissioning
  • LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Located in the eighth tallest building in Los Angeles, the GE Capital office space is an interior renovation which strives to provide a pleasant and productive work environment for its occupants.

Natural light, lighting controls for occupants, and views to the surrounding landscape and cityscape were considered important to the project’s vision and goals. The highly confidential nature of GE Capital’s work created the need for private offices which, in turn, challenged the team’s ability to meet daylighting and views credits. The team resolved both issues by installing full-front glass in every private office and moving several perimeter offices to the interior. This strategy opened up the larger space to natural light while retaining needed privacy.

The team also preserved the original perimeter-office exterior windows, providing the open workstations and interior offices the benefits of additional sunlight and outside views. With daylighting for over 90% of regularly occupied space and views for over 92% of regularly occupied space, the office is remarkably bright, offers ample control for both daylight and artificial light, and makes a positive impact on employee productivity.

In its efforts to align this project with indoor air quality standards and to further improve the work environment, the project team specified low-emitting materials in all categories: adhesives & sealants, paints & coatings, flooring systems, and composite wood & agri-fiber products. Additionally, indoor chemical and pollutant source control required significant coordination between design disciplines and operational practices.

In order to demonstrate a commitment to the broader community and the global environment, the team pursued a focus on recycled content and regional materials, particularly in furniture and finishes. In fact, over 45% of materials were manufactured regionally. And, over 30% of materials were both manufactured and extracted regionally. An effort to reduce energy consumption led to enhanced commissioning activities. ENERGY STAR certification was required for all appliances and equipment. And LED lighting products were utilized for 95% of the space.