PCL Glendale District Office Achieves Safety First LEED Pilot Credit

PCL Glendale District Office Achieves Safety First LEED Pilot Credit

Photo Courtesy of PCL. Tom Bonner Photography.

Verdical Group provided LEED Project Management for the PCL Glendale District Office tenant improvement project, which was one of the first in the world to achieve the Safety First: Re-Enter Your Workspace LEED pilot credit.

Our Senior Project Manager Rebecca Ramsdale worked with the project team to earn LEEDv4 ID+C Silver Certification. An office space located on the 15-16th floors of a LEED-certified building, the space qualified for the credit — which is meant to address concerns related to COVID-19 and other illnesses — by operating at no more than 25% capacity. Tenants are asked to confirm that they have no symptoms before entering the building; directional signage indicates the time at which a space was last sanitized, and hands-free door openers are used to reduce touch. All pandemic-related procedures are recorded daily.

The Safety First guidance was a valuable overlay to the existing LEED practices already in place, and it’s reinforced how design can meaningfully contribute to supporting occupant health,” said Drew Shula, Founder and Principal at Verdical Group. “Everyone’s trying to figure out how to come back from COVID-19 and re-enter their spaces. A lot of questions have come to us as the sustainability team member on the design team, and because we’re involved with these rating systems and tools, we can help make these spaces healthier and more sustainable. These credits are a great fit in that conversation.”

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