Metropolis Magazine Shares Highlights from NZ22

Metropolis Magazine Shares Highlights from NZ22


Metropolis Magazine’s Executive Editor Sam Lubell recently published a recap of the Net Zero Conference, after attending our fall 2022 event in Los Angeles. The article shares updates from our keynotes and other featured speakers, as well as thoughts on the expansion of the net zero movement beyond our built environment. 

“The conference’s ninth edition showcased the latest thinking in sustainability, but also aimed to broaden its scope beyond the built world,” wrote Lubell.

Lubell later interviewed Net Zero Conference founder and Verdical Group Founder & CEO Drew Shula. “So much of the time we’re talking in an echo chamber,” said Shula, speaking about our goal of expanding the conversation as conference organizers. “How can we broaden the conversation? How can we talk to more industries? How can we get more people to think about sustainability?”

You can read the full article here to learn more.