VG Marks (and Measures!) 10 Years of Social and Environmental Impact

VG Marks (and Measures!) 10 Years of Social and Environmental Impact

By Allison Hudock

Verdical Group is centered around being a force for good, and our positive impact continued to grow as the firm reached its 10-year milestone in 2022.

In our work, as in our name, we push upward to create the most sustainable, high-performing building projects and events possible. We educate thousands of people each year on sustainability in the built environment through our annual Net Zero Conference, panel discussions, conference participation, sustainability charettes, meetings with clients and potential clients. Our goal is to get the word, or “verd,” out to the masses, as we stress the importance of sustainable building design and operations in protecting and regenerating our planet. In our free time, we foster a positive impact in our communities through our volunteering efforts.

As a data-driven company, we’ve been tracking and quantifying our environmental and social impact since day one. Ten years later, our impact in terms of resources saved, time volunteered, and people educated continues to hit new highs. We are proud to disclose our 2022 data which further elevates our impressive metrics.* Highlights include an over 6% increase in staff hours volunteered; an over 10% increase in people educated; and an over 4% increase in energy saved through VG projects.

VG’s internal company operations are also evaluated to prioritize positive social and environmental impact. Our Social and Environmental Impact Report is available as a transparent resource on our efforts to “practice what we preach” when it comes to policies for our employees, environment, community, governance, and customer services.

Are you interested in learning how your building project, event, or company can champion a project like this? Looking to quantify your positive social and environmental impact? We are here to help and encourage! Reach out to us — we look forward to connecting with you.

*We do not currently track energy, water, and waste savings for our non-LEED certified projects or for projects that have not yet been completed.