JUST For All: The Social Justice + Transparency Label That’s Changing the Game

JUST For All: The Social Justice + Transparency Label That's Changing the Game

By Kasey Hegelein

Recognizing the need for more social justice and equality in the workplace, the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) launched its JUST labeling program in 2013. It was the start of a new age of transparency in business—one that has continued to grow in the intervening years as more business owners and employees see the cultural, wellness, and financial benefits of running an ethical organization. The second iteration, JUST 2.0, was launched in May 2019.

What is JUST?

JUST is a platform for companies to disclose details of their operations to create a more equitable workplace. Essentially, it provides organizations with a label of various metrics of social justice indicators, which demonstrate the company’s commitment to these issues. JUST aims to create a discussion around social justice issues and incentivizes individual employees and their organizations alike to take the lead.  


There are many benefits that come with a JUST label. By optimizing policies that improve employee engagement, it attracts younger employees who value corporate social responsibility. It improves morale and retention, since transparency promotes trust within an organization. 

The label helps build a company culture based on diversity and inclusion, and can highlight areas of strength and areas for potential improvement JUST helps create a stronger brand by making changes in operational policies. 

Achieving JUST Labelled Status

During the JUST 2.0 application process, organizations are asked about six indicators: 

  1. Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Employee Benefits
  3. Employee Health 
  4. Equity
  5. Stewardship
  6. Purchasing & Supply Chain

All contain subcategories of metrics, such as questions about community volunteering and even a commitment to animal welfare. For example, to measure volunteering, there are questions involving the volunteer policy and number of paid volunteer hours. You can find the full list of indicator metrics here.

Organizations are also asked how they promote physical health, such as by providing bike racks, standing desks, or discounted gym memberships.

Each subcategory is given a rating out of four, which is displayed on the label. There are questions for each subcategory, so the application is an extensive but worthwhile investment.

Program Costs

Organizations can register for JUST 2.0 through the ILFI website. Premium membership and its associated fee is required, but there is no additional registration fee for JUST. Once registration is complete, organizations begin the data submission process. There’s a mandatory Program Fee to receive the JUST label, based on the number of employees in the organization. The JUST label is valid for two years and can be renewed at any time. 

Still have questions? Verdical Group provides comprehensive consulting services for organizations hoping to achieve JUST – send us a note to learn more!