Inside Verdical Group’s Marketing & Events Internship

Inside VG’s Marketing & Events Internship

By Emily Barone

Emily Barone is a former Marketing & Events Intern at Verdical Group. While interning with Verdical Group, she studied sustainable Business and marketing at the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business. This article discusses Verdical Group’s Marketing & Events Internship, learn more about our Sustainability & LEED Internship here.

Throughout my internship at Verdical Group, I had the opportunity to transition from a classroom setting to a real work environment while I collaborated with a team of professionals. Being assigned diverse marketing and event projects allowed me to develop my skill set and gain valuable experience. The team’s forward-thinking values created an environment that encouraged me to think creatively and critically about marketing trends, brand awareness and recognition, and company growth. Additionally, I was able to network with a wide range of professionals, further expanding my connections in the industry and beyond.

I gained exposure to all aspects of the marketing process, including market research, social media campaigns, and event planning. I applied strategies and concepts I learned in the Grossman School of Business to real-world scenarios, and received valuable feedback which enabled personal and educational growth.

In addition to gaining practical marketing experience, I was involved in every step of the process, from brainstorming ideas to executing the final product. It was fascinating to observe the diverse roles of the marketing team and witness the high value placed on each member’s contribution. This experience deepened my understanding of the marketing industry and taught me the necessary skills for success in this field. My exposure to different roles allowed me to envision my future path and identify which areas align best with my personal skills and interests. Overall, I feel this experience will grant me a competitive edge as I prepare to graduate from college and enter the workforce in the upcoming weeks.

Throughout my internship, I was encouraged to write articles to be published on Verdical Group’s website. This was an exciting opportunity to showcase my communication skills and make a meaningful contribution to the company, while also being a great addition to my own portfolio.

In addition to the valuable experience I gained, I had a very positive experience with the work environment at Verdical Group. The atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable and provided me with a glimpse into what it is like to work for a company that cares about its employees and is passionate about its mission.

Overall, my internship at Verdical Group provided me with a solid foundation in the industry that I am interested in while also introducing me to other industries, including event coordinating, sustainable development, and communications. This sparked my interest and allowed me to gain experience in a variety of fields. I am grateful for the energetic and engaging work environment offered by Verdical Group, and I feel fortunate to have been part of an intellectual and forward-thinking team filled with such talented individuals.