A Tribute to Frank Hooks (1967—2020)

A Tribute to Frank Hooks (1967—2020)


It’s with great sadness we share that beloved Verdical Group team member Frank Hooks passed away unexpectedly Thursday, May 7, 2020, at age 52. While we are still grappling with the loss of such an incredible person, we’ve come together to write in tribute to Frank—to share memories and appreciation for the talented and good-natured man that he was.

In his professional life, Frank was an expert commissioning agent and licensed PE with more than two decades of experience climbing around building sites and coordinating with boots-on-the-ground contractors tackling complex building systems issues. Frank was part of the Verdical Group team for more than five years and led our commissioning work.

He showed up for work every day in his truck with a hard hat, a smile, and a laugh that seemed to punctuate every statement he made. Even in serious conversations about project issues, Frank’s positive presence permeated the room. Frank was a Southern California native and graduated from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) with an Engineering degree. His project work took him from coast to coast and he worked on many high-profile, high-performance building projects all over California and across the country. Frank was a master communicator and took a collaborative approach to his work, finding common ground between team members to bring people together. Frank was very good at what he did. We celebrate Frank’s gifted technical knowledge, but even more importantly, his gift with people.

Frank was all about family and was married to his college sweetheart Karen for 29 years. Karen, also one to light up a room with her smile, would join Frank at the annual Verdical Group holiday dinner party every year. Frank and Karen had three children—Stewart age 26, Jennifer age 24, and Jacqueline age 19. Frank was very excited to have recently become a grandfather for the first time to three-year-old grandson, Daniel. He was super proud of his kids and grandson and always had a story to share about what his family was up to. Frank loved the water and was an avid swimmer. He loved to travel and sign off his text messages with the cowboy hat emoji—he was always ready for the next adventure. He was so good-natured, he made friends wherever he went.

Frank will truly be missed by everyone at Verdical Group. I’ll always remember Frank with a smile on his face and a laugh not far behind.

— Drew Shula, Verdical Group

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Frank Hooks, his family would like to support the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Please consider making a donation at this link.

Kindly reach out to us ( if you would like contact information for Frank’s next of kin — his wife, Karen Hooks.


It has been nothing short of a pleasure working with Frank over the past few years. I have had the privilege of working with him closely on commissioning projects and coordinating our proposals, which has given me the opportunity (more than most) to talk with him via email and on the phone almost daily. I realize now that I talked to Frank more often than my own family most weeks!

Frank always kept a positive attitude in everything he did, he was dependable, and he shot it straight. As a young professional (and similar in age to Frank’s kids), I am grateful for the bits of wisdom he shared with me, for instilling confidence in me, and always looking out for me and our team. He was an all-around stand-up guy. I feel super lucky for the time I shared with Frank and will always remember the laughs and joy he brought to this world. My heart goes out to the Hooks family; thank you for sharing him with us.

With love,
— Emily Hand, Verdical Group

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” –Helen Keller

I was extremely fond of working with Frank Hooks. I clearly remember the first time we met at a LEED project construction kickoff meeting where he warmed my heart by welcoming me to the Verdical Group family. He was a cheerful character, chipper, with a contagious laugh that filled the room… and the entire job site for that matter.

We spoke on the phone and texted while he performed commissioning and testing in the field. One humorous typo in a 9am text deserved a chuckle, “I’m at the frat I’ll call you back.” I replied, “I didn’t know frat parties started this early in the morning.” The word ‘frat’ was a typo meant to be ‘site.’ Another slice of humor was his catchphrase for requesting the “whole enchilada,” as in the entire report with all the supporting documentation. It always made me hungry!

I appreciated the honest vent sessions that Frank Hooks and I shared, in which we always ended on a comical optimistic note, ready for the next challenge. We were a solid team when it came to handling business and had a blast doing it. I will dearly cherish our memories together.

Signing off now with a cowboy emoji, as he often did. I tip my hat to the man, the legend, Frank Hooks. ?

— Rebecca Ramsdale, Verdical Group

It was truly a pleasure working with Frank. He was a kind and jovial person, and I will always remember the constant smile on his face. Whenever I spoke with Frank, my day was always brightened—his warm demeanor left a lasting impression on all of us.

Frank’s dedication to his work was unparalleled—he always gave his best. He will be deeply missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

— Ritika Dhamija, Verdical Group

I am happy to share that I have such great memories of my interactions with Frank Hooks. We had several great dialogs, and I truly enjoyed working with him in the commissioning realm with Verdical Group.

The first time I met Frank in person he threw a bear hug on me at the Net Zero Conference in Los Angeles in 2019, and I thoroughly enjoyed our catch-up calls every few months if we did not have a chance to exchange emails.

I am so sad to lose a colleague who so quickly became a friend, yet am so very happy for all of the good spirit that Frank and I shared. I know that Frank’s family is in shock as well, yet I want to thank them for all of the positive family spirit that they inspired in Frank and for Frank’s sharing that with me.

— Daniel Huard, Verdical Group
What I will remember of Frank is that he had a booming presence. The first time I met the other Frank, I could sense a firm but gentle aura. His laugh could capture a room and bring positivity. And as our office transitioned to working remotely, he was a pillar of tranquility. While I was worried and skeptical about the future, he brought wisdom and reassurance. I want to thank Frank for who he is. I want to thank him for being one of our pillars. My heart goes out to him and all of his loved ones.

— Frank Schwamborn, Verdical Group

Dear Hooks Family,

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Frank will be dearly missed, even though I did not have a chance to know him well, the times I did were full of laughter. He always brought a smile to everyone’s face and spoke of his family with nothing but pure joy and adoration.

Wishing you peace to bring you comfort and loving memories.

— Chelsea Brandom, Verdical Group

I am so sorry to hear of Frank’s death and I want to express my most sincere sympathies to the family. Frank was a highly valuable and caring team member, and we were humbled by his kindness and compassion. Know that he will be greatly missed.

— Hailyn Chun, Verdical Group

Though I did not know Frank well, I will certainly remember his laugh. It was always such a pleasure seeing him and his wife Karen at our Verdical Group holiday parties, and whenever I was lucky enough to spend time with him, I always wished we had the opportunity to see one another more often. He had such positive energy and a joy for life, and he was an invaluable member of our team. I know he will be missed by many, and many will always keep him in our thoughts.

— Chloe Woodruff, Verdical Group

While working together, Frank and I shared funny notes on raising children. I shared with him my challenges with the terrible twos, and he told me what it was like raising teenagers. He told me to embrace the time we have with our young children because time is so short. You will blink and next you will be breaking up house parties. 🙂


Thank you, Frank, for that small dose of valuable wisdom, which I really took to heart. Thank you for all you did for us and for our industry. Rest well Frank, you will be missed. My deepest condolences to the Hooks family.

— Moe Fakih, VCA Green


When I met Frank, we were working on a job together inspecting an HVAC install and he mentioned to me about how I need to look out for contractors cutting corners by actually cutting corners. He caught how the installing contractor wasn’t putting in the run per plan and was trying to save on material. Whenever we were falling behind on design reviews or couldn’t get to a job in time, we could always count on Frank to cover us. Such a great guy.

Yvonne Lo mentioned in our office the other day, “I just remembered when he called me about some commissioning stuff…then randomly blurted out of nowhere “MY DAUGHTER GOT MARRIED SATURDAY!” That was the purest statement of joy I had ever heard. Such an amazing guy, great to work with, with such a positive outlook on everything. Even through his surgery and recovery. He will definitely be missed.”

— Wayne Alldredge, VCA Green