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  • VG has experience on more than 200 high performance building projects
  • We’ve been working with LEED for more than a decade
  • Our team member credentials include: LEED BD+C, LEED ID+C, LEED GA, and Legacy LEED AP
  • Our team has broad experience with all major LEED Rating Systems including: New Construction (BD+C), Commercial Interiors (ID+C), and Existing Buildings (EBOM)



LEED Projects


Madera County Public Health Buildings

February 13, 2017
Services: 3 Separate Buildings: LEED Project Management (Core + Shell v3), Commissioning (Cx), Energy Modeling Location: Madera, CA Area: 120,000 square...
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Patton State Hospital Kitchen

February 27, 2014
Services: LEED Project Management (NC v2.2 Targeting Silver) Location: Los Angeles, CA Area: 35,200 square feet Client: Owen Group
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Prolacta Bioscience

February 10, 2014
Services: Commissioning (Cx), LEED Project Management (ID+C v3 Targeting Silver) Location: Duarte, CA Area: 40,338 square feet Client: Prolacta
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Teknion L.A. Showroom

February 2, 2014
Services: Commissioning (Cx), LEED Project Management (ID+C v3 Gold) Location: Los Angeles, CA Area: 6,898 square feet Client: Teknion  
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LEED Services


VG has managed LEED projects in all rating systems including: BD+C (new construction / core and shell), ID+C (commercial interiors), and O+M (existing buildings). We have LEED v2, v3 and v4 project experience gained through the years, on a wide array of building types for world class clients including: Cisco, General Electric, JLL, Johnson & Johnson, Ramada Inn, and Seagate.

Want your project designed and constructed to comply with the rigorous LEED rating system, but don’t want to pay all those fees? We can guide you through the same process and produce the same results, while skipping the tedious and costly USGBC paperwork along the way. Keep in mind, this pathway doesn’t grant you a shiny plaque at the end!

Commissioning (Cx), the continuous process of checking building systems to ensure everything is working as it should, should not be skipped on any LEED project. Our Cx team is an enormous asset to any building owner that wishes to receive the greatest possible value out of those expensive HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems they are installing.

The Energy & Atmosphere credit category offers project teams the most points out of any LEED category. Our expert energy modelers can conduct a whole building energy analysis for your project, granting you access to the greatest amount of LEED points possible for this category. This is how you take your project from Gold to Platinum.

Are you a contractor in the need of LEED credit documentation support? Whether your team is new to LEED, or you need help getting the required documents from subcontractors, we’re here to help. Our project managers can guide contractor teams through the LEED construction credit process, providing help and assistance whenever needed.




Generic chart showing upward trend.

  • Most widely used third-party verification for green buildings, with around 1.85 million square feet being certified daily
  • Developers are choosing LEED because the process demonstrates leadership, innovation, and environmental stewardship
  • Through market-based approaches, USGBC has proven that a healthy environment and a strong economy can go hand in hand
  • LEED projects are getting results across the board, scoring an average ENERGY STAR score of 89 points out of a possible 100