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Affordable Housing: Clarity Behind the Complex

When it comes to housing, to begin to understand the issues at hand one must first look at the nature of the market and the way it is organized. Similar to a doughnut, it consists of an outer ring —  which encompasses government-backed housing programs and projects for low income individuals and families — and an inner ring — which contains resources for middle class individuals who have been “priced out” of the market, along with a variety of other hindrances. Read more

Verdical Group’s Impact Metrics: One Year Later

Motivation is easily maintained if tangible, solid numbers can quantify efforts toward a goal that may seem long-term or vague.  In the field of sustainability, metrics help our team at Verdical Group see the bigger picture, and they demonstrate that taking the time and effort to build structures to the highest sustainable design standards can guarantee environmental and financial benefits for decades to come.  Our Verdical Group Impact Metrics show just how big those benefits can be, and how they add up across our many completed and ongoing projects.  Metrics like these are integral to the broader sustainability movement. Read more

Building a Net Zero Future: Interview with LADWP’s David Jacot

An interview with David Jacot, P.E.
Director of Efficiency Solutions
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power 

What does “Net Zero for All” mean to LADWP?

At LADWP we are committed to creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles in a manner that is fair and equitable, both economically and in terms of environmental impacts, for all of our customer sectors. As a water provider in a drought-prone area, we are equally committed to creating a sustainable water supply, expanding our local water resources, and reducing reliance on purchased water imported over long distances. Read more

Verdical Group’s Biggest Net Zero Conference Yet!

The time has come for Verdical Group’s 5th annual Net Zero Conference 2018! Join us along with USGBC National (United States Green Building Council), ILFI (International Living Future Institute), and other major players in the net zero realm for workshops, tours, sessions with the world’s foremost thought leaders, and more!

Housed in the Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute (NZP-ETI), this conference will take place over the course of 3 days – from September 12th through the 14th. The venue itself is an exemplary model for energy conservation measures as it maintains net-positive energy use through improvements in HVAC/building envelope, plug loads, service hot water, and lighting (Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute, 2018).

The Net Zero conference is the nation’s largest net zero building conference.  We’ll have over 75 exhibitors, along with 80+ speakers to deliver insightful case studies and presentations.  Keynote speakers include Mahesh Ramanujam (President & CEO, USGBC), Jason F. McLennan (CEO, McLennan Design), and California State Senator Kevin de León.  Several other key players at USBGC, such as Director of Market Transformation & Development and TRUE Stephanie Barger, Director of Code Technical Development Wes Sullens, and LEED Project Manger Emma Hughes, will be speaking as well.

Make sure to join us for the Robin Hood Gala, the official gala of the Net Zero 2018 Conference, on September 12!  This event benefits the Skid Row Housing Trust in its mission to provide permanent supportive housing for the nearly 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for more announcements around our 2019 event!

Are you ready for VG Wellness Challenge? Lessons in health!

Welcome to Week 2 of VG wellness challenge: Eat only vegetarian food!

As we start strong with Week 2, read up on our experience of Week 1 and how we stayed on track to complete the Drinking Water Challenge.

Verdical Group team and a few of our friends at LACI decided to challenge themselves with five different wellness activities every week starting last week. Our first challenge for the week of Aug 6-12, was to meet our drinking water quantity targets as recommended by the U.S Institute of Medicine. The Institute recommends that women consume approximately 2.7 L (90 oz) and men 3.7 L (125 oz) of water per day. While these targets may seem pretty high for some, keep in mind, this is the amount of water consumed from multiple sources including drinking water, other beverages and food (No, alcohol doesn’t count :D). Read more

CALGreen: An Introduction

Sustainability is best defined as creating and maintaining the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations  (Environmental Protection Agency , 2016). As the population grows, housing demand will follow suit; this concept has new life into many industries and their respective markets. Read more

Getting the Gold in Green

Harbor UCLA Medical Center is a 570 bed, teaching facility that serves the 700,000 people of the South Bay (Los Angeles County, 2018). The medical center has begun the process of overhauling its master plan in an attempt to improve overall performance. With the 2028 Olympic games on the horizon, the medical center’s plan for improvement will be expedited. RBB architects will be teaming up with your friendly neighborhood Verdical Group to tackle this undertaking. For the update, UCLA’s medical center is seeking to obtain certification in each of the following: LEED v4, and Envision v3. Principles from SITES, and WELL will be incorporated into design, but certification for these will not be pursued.  Each of these certifications and considerations will offer various benefits to the hospital’s performance during the games, and to its future performance solely as a medical facility.

Read more

WELLv2 is here! What you need to know about the new version of WELL

In May 2012, McKinsey came out with an article recognizing health and wellness as the next trillion-dollar industry. Additionally, findings from the 2015 CogFx Study from Harvard University suggested that employees show higher cognitive function scores when working in green and healthy office environments. On an average people spend 90% of their time indoors, therefore, it is essential to emphasize improving the health and wellness of building occupants. Read more

Building Better Businesses: Certified B Corporations

It may seem that everyday there is a new designation for products and companies that go above and beyond what is required of them.  B Laboratory, the nonprofit organization responsible for certifying B Corporations (B Corps), claims “B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.”   B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation, and its administrator B Lab strives to prove that businesses can pursue social justice, benefit the environment, and create an equitable organization, all while improving their financial success.  Read more


ZNE is a sexy phrase and thrilling concept, but setting the building sector’s sights on zero as the fix-all goal is raising notable concerns among critical stakeholders. This article outlines the tradeoffs of a ZNE framework for our future built environment and points to some alternative approaches to keep us on track to the ultimate goal of carbon reduction. Read more