A Growing Impact

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Since Verdical Group’s inception in 2012, our company has been a leading provider of LEED certification services. It’s our job to enhance the environmental performance of every project we touch. We love the great outdoors, so we love making a positive environmental impact on our projects! VG projects use less energy, less water, and create less waste than conventional projects. We get to feel good about our contributions to the world every day. We wanted to find out exactly how much of an impact we’ve had since the beginning, so we went through a rigorous process to compile our project data to share in an infographic highlighting our Verdical impact. We’re floored by the results and hope you are too. Please take a minute to sit with these numbers and think about the positive impact our team has made on the world.
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Innovation Modeled from Nature

Photo Credit: Biomimicry Institute

In today’s world, technological innovations are rapidly taking place with no intention of slowing down. The innovation process typically consists of companies either reformulating their existing products for improvement or emulating a competitor’s product. While this has proved effective to date, an increasingly prominent method, termed bioinspired innovation, offers a new opportunity for these companies to create products and processes inspired by the proven designs of nature. While there are different forms of bioinspired innovation (biomimicry, bioutilization, etc.), they all look to nature’s processes as inspiration. The organisms of the natural world have consistently faced challenges throughout Earth’s 3.8 billion year lifespan. In order to stick around and adapt to these challenges, organisms are required to innovate—this makes them the experts, not us. Companies employing bioinspired innovation study these natural processes attentively with the intent of replicating them into a new and innovative product or process.

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